Terminal RT Version 10 Release Notes

This version fixes a lot of issues and is a complete redesign for Windows 8.1. Name change from SSH Terminal Emulator to Terminal RT Fixed issues with screen flickering and background connections Improved detection of app purchase and in-app purchase … Continued

SSH Terminal Emulator: Release 9 is Live

You should have received or will receive the update notification from the store soon. As a reminder, the Release 9 Notes can be found here: Release 9 Notes   Thanks for your support!

SSH Terminal Emulator: Release 9 in certification.

Update: The new release should contain a fix for ads still appearing after app purchase. I expect Release 9 to be approved by microsoft by Monday, next week. You can review the release notes for Release 9 in this post. … Continued

SSH Terminal Emulator: Release 9 Preview & Potential Name Change

Release 9 already includes a lot of re-worked code for the interface, some bug fixes, and new features: Telnet connections are available. Telnet may not work correctly for all servers, please report any bugs encountered when Release 9 is available. URLs … Continued

Windows 8 Network Sandboxing, and why SSH Tunneling will not work.

After about an hour of testing SSH Tunneling/Port Forwarding to no avail, I’ve discovered that loopback, or localhost to localhost, connections are “sandboxed” in Windows Store apps. Meaning that an app listening on localhost can only connect to its own services. … Continued

SSH Terminal Emulator: Release 8 is Live!

Please see the release notes here: Release 8 Notes This release unlocks the trial period to “unlimited,” and is ad-supported on a trial installation. Please consider buying the app, which will remove the ads.   There is a known bug … Continued

SSH Terminal Emulator: Release 8 in certification

The following list is the full release notes for Release 8: Speed has been greatly improved on the Surface and other Windows RT tablets. App will now prompt on initial open to allow background connections. Server entries can be edited. … Continued

Discovered: Alt, arrow, function keys, and more.

Hey everyone, I got a Surface recently. While rifling around the settings, I found the option to enable a standard keyboard layout which includes arrow, alt, function keys, and more. I’ve written up a page on how to enable this: … Continued

SSH Terminal Emulator: Release 8 Preview

Release 8 will bring some big changes to SSH Terminal Emulator. App will now prompt on initial open to allow background activity. Server entries can be edited by dragging them to the “Edit server” button, which replaces the “Add a … Continued

SSH Terminal Emulator: Release 7 Live

Just in time for Christmas, release 7 is now live! It includes background connection functionality, and fixes issues with password authentication. To enable background connection functionality, open the bottom app bar, and tap “Enable BG connections” in the bottom left … Continued