SSH Terminal Emulator: Release 7 UPDATE & Release 6 Live

Update: Release 7 has been submitted for certification tonight as some users have pointed out a severe bug in Release 6 when using multiple terminals. Release 7 will hopefully be certified quickly. Release 6 is now live in the store!¬†Check … Continued

SSH Terminal Emulator: Release 6

This release focused on usability and performance. You’ll notice some UI improvements and changes. This release should be available in the Windows Store by Thursday 12/20. Snapped-size mode added. Drag terminal into main terminal area when empty to snap to … Continued

SSH Terminal Emulator: Release 5 Delayed

The Windows Store rejected the release because the testers were not able to use the secret test account set up at to test the release. I’ve set up a different testing account for the Store certifiers to use at … Continued

SSH Terminal Emulator: Resize feedback

Hey everyone! I’ve gotten several reviews and comments since Release 4 about not being able to resize the terminal, or the terminal size being fixed to 80×24. This is a bit disheartening since resizing is one of the major features … Continued

SSH Terminal Emulator: Release 5 Preview

This release will contain many of the features you’ve all been asking for and some bug fixes that will hopefully put SSH Terminal Emulator in an excellent position to be your go-to for SSH work on Windows RT devices, and … Continued

SSH Terminal Emulator: Looking for irssi feedback

A lot of reviews on the Windows Store relate to usability in irssi. Unfortunately, many of these reviews don’t reveal what issues are making the use of irssi difficult. If you have any feedback about using irssi with SSH Terminal … Continued

SSH Terminal Emulator: Release 4 is live!

Release 4 is in the store now! Be sure to update through the Store app on your Windows 8/RT device! As a reminder, here are the update notes: Increased speed of terminal, again. Increased VT100/ANSI compatibility, again. Terminals are now … Continued

SSH Terminal Emulator: Release 4 in certification

Release 4 of SSH Terminal Emulator has some awesome features that I think you’re all going to be happy with. Resizable terminal. Bottom AppBar added for hiding/showing server list, changing font size (only two choices right now), and resetting terminal … Continued

SSH Terminal Emulator: Release 3 UPDATE: Released

UPDATE: Release 3 is on the store now! Microsoft was VERY quick to get this one out! Wow! Release 3 includes the following updates and features: Better ANSI/VT100 emulation. Does not crash during tests 1 and 2 of¬†vttest. Faster response … Continued