SSH Terminal Emulator: Looking for irssi feedback

A lot of reviews on the Windows Store relate to usability in irssi. Unfortunately, many of these reviews don’t reveal what issues are making the use of irssi difficult. If you have any feedback about using irssi with SSH Terminal Emulator Release 4, please send information to!

2 Responses to “SSH Terminal Emulator: Looking for irssi feedback”

  1. mitch

    I just hopped on and connected to freenode and joined a couple of channels and everything seemed to go alright. One think that i did notice is that the terminal response was slower than normal. It took an appreciable amount of time for irssi to print the MOTD from freenode when i connected, and in general it feels a little bit sluggish. All in all, I think it is reasonably functional, if a little… uncomfortable? Perhaps whatever performance enhancements that you use to fix the CPU load issue will also address the sluggishness. Hope this is helpful.

    • admin

      Thanks again, mitch! I’m going to try the same tonight with some of the enhancements I’ve added. One is actually having the task that draws to the screen have a low CPU priority, which is somewhat counter-intuitive but it works out pretty well in my tests thus far. The other is putting a counting lock on the draw task, so that only 2 tasks can be waiting at the same time to draw to the screen. We’ll see how that effects the performance in irssi.


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