SSH Terminal Emulator: Release 3 UPDATE: Released

UPDATE: Release 3 is on the store now! Microsoft was VERY quick to get this one out! Wow!

Release 3 includes the following updates and features:

  • Better ANSI/VT100 emulation. Does not crash during tests 1 and 2 of vttest.
  • Faster response time/increased speed.
  • App available in all markets
  • Support for 132 column mode of the VT100 specification (Note: this is not indicative of a resizable terminal window, yet)
  • Added .key extension as an acceptable Identity Key extension
  • Removed .ppk as an acceptable Identity Key extension

Release 3 should be available in the Windows Store by mid-December at the latest, depending on how quickly Microsoft certifies it.

Moving on to the next release: Release 4′s feature set has not been set in stone yet; however, I plan to work on a resizable terminal control, full async network stack, and fullscreen mode. You should expect at least one of these features to be included in Release 4, if not all of them.

I’m really quite happy with the feedback I’ve seen on the Store, Reddit, this blog, and my inbox. Thanks again for all of your support.

2 Responses to “SSH Terminal Emulator: Release 3 UPDATE: Released”

  1. mitch

    when you say 132-column support, do you mean that the terminal is actually 132 columns wide, or that it can accept 132 column lines which get wrapped into the 80-character terminal window? I ask because cant seem to find a way to make the terminal window 132 columns wide.

    Also, I tried running vttest test 1, and while it didn’t crash the app, it also didn’t pass the test. Are you still looking into more thorough VT100 compatibility? I mostly use vim, and it doesn’t appear that the terminal emulator handles it very well. Arrow keys cause the terminal to hang, and scrolling through a buffer causes to really odd visual glitches.

    All in all, great progress and keep up the good work!

    • admin

      When the terminal receives a 132 column mode change from the server, it will switch to 132 column mode. This is shown in the vttest program during tests 1 and 2. Currently there is no way to enable it on the client-side. It’s looking like a resizable terminal will be available in Release 4, though, so sit tight!

      I’m not done with the vt100 compatibility changes, yet. There is still some odd behavior I’m having a rough time figuring out. I don’t use vim as my main editor, so I haven’t tested in it yet, but I’ll check out what you’ve described.

      Thanks for the feedback and support!


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