SSH Terminal Emulator: Release 5 Preview

This release will contain many of the features you’ve all been asking for and some bug fixes that will hopefully put SSH Terminal Emulator in an excellent position to be your go-to for SSH work on Windows RT devices, and maybe even on your Windows 8 desktops and laptops.

  • Fullscreen mode.
  • App saves terminal width and height per server on resize. When reconnecting to a server, it will retain the width and height from the last session.
  • Improved speed. Keypresses are displayed much faster.
  • Less CPU thrashing/more responsive behavior when running heavy and fast text programs in the terminal.
  • Decoder upgraded from VT100 to ANSI.
  • Color now in programs like vim, pico, irssi, and more.
  • Fixed arrow key movement in vim.
  • Added a “focus border” around the terminal to show when it has focus. Border disappears when the terminal no longer has focus. The terminal will not receive keypresses when it does not have focus.
  • Slightly changed colors to match xterm-type terminals.
  • App Bar with extended settings displays on startup.
  • Fixed a bug where caps lock was sending commands to the server.
  • Fixed a bug where holding down alt would have no effect on keys pressed after the first.
  • Fixed an issue where home, end, delete, insert, page up, and page down keypresses were not being sent to the server.

Release 5 will be submitted for certification by Saturday at the latest. It should then be certified and available in the store by Tuesday next week.

In other news, I’ve gotten a few comments/reviews indicating that they cannot resize the terminal. Although I tried to make it fairly obvious, I want to emphasize that the terminal is resizable, and you merely have to drag & release the “size grab” corner, on the bottom right of the terminal window, to resize. I will try to add a resize popup, accessible through the App Bar, to enable people to type the desired width and height in order to resize the terminal. I’ve added a User Manual to the website, accessible through the right bar, which should help some users with figuring out some of the more advanced features of the app. In addition, I will be adding a selection in the Settings charm of the app to visit the User Manual.

I’m really excited to get this next release into your hands, and I hope you enjoy using it as much as I’ve enjoyed making it. Next week I’ll have another post which will be looking to the future, and getting feedback for some new features which might make SSH Terminal Emulator more useful in your production environment. Please contact me with any questions, issues, concerns, or other feedback at!

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