SSH Terminal Emulator: Release 6

This release focused on usability and performance. You’ll notice some UI improvements and changes. This release should be available in the Windows Store by Thursday 12/20.

  • Snapped-size mode added. Drag terminal into main terminal area when empty to snap to full size.
  • Dual terminal mode added. Drag terminal into main terminal area when a terminal is open to split the screen in half.
  • Added title field to the add server form.
  • Improved speed for large amounts of text.
  • App Bar with extended settings displays on startup.
  • Removed connection status toggle. Connect/Disconnect button has been added to the app bar.
  • Added title text above the terminal control, with connection status.
  • Fixed a bug with alt+number keys not registering.
  • Fixed a bug where reset size was available as an option in fullscreen.
  • Errors are now output to the terminal, and the terminal is not hidden or destroyed on an error.
  • Terminals will automatically disconnect on app suspend. This will help alleviate freezes and crashes on unsuspend.

The most requested features now are background network activity, copy and pasting text from and to a terminal, and a key-ring for saving passwords to private keys and servers. The key-ring or copy and paste will probably be implemented first. After doing some research on the background network activity, it is exceedingly difficult to use the framework Microsoft has set up for background network activity in an SSH environment. The next release should include one of these features, as well as editing of server entries, at the very least. Some other possible features for future releases are text dumps from a terminal into a local file, color settings, reorganizing the server list.

An update on SOCKS Proxy/tunneling: It doesn’t seem like WinRT is going to allow this to be a reality. Once again, background tasks are very limited in the amount of network traffic and CPU time, and so a working and usable tunnel is unlikely. I’m not counting it out completely, but I can only work with the framework that Microsoft provides, and that framework doesn’t make tunneling easy.

Finally, there has been a somewhat rare bug where the screen doesn’t update after receiving text. The work around is to force a screen update by resizing or pressing a key. I’m looking into the cause of this, but it is hard to reproduce consistently, and hard to track down where the source of the problem is.

One Response to “SSH Terminal Emulator: Release 6”

  1. Techwraith

    I’d love to see the Solarized colorscheme implemented for this! That, 256 color support, and copy/paste are the last things keeping me from ditching my laptop for most o my “light” coding :)


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