SSH Terminal Emulator: Release 8 in certification

The following list is the full release notes for Release 8:

  • Speed has been greatly improved on the Surface and other Windows RT tablets.
  • App will now prompt on initial open to allow background connections.
  • Server entries can be edited. You can do this by dragging to the “Edit a server” button, or by right clicking/cross sliding either the entry or the terminal control itself.
  • Server entries can now be deleted from the AppBar by right-tapping the control or cross-sliding/right-tapping on the server item.
  • The app will now send function key key presses to the remote server.
  • Fixed an issue with Cisco router compatibility.
  • Trial mode has now been extended from “7 days” to “unlimited,” and ads have been added to the screen. To remove the ads, please purchase the app! People who have already purchased will not see ads.
  • Copy and paste are now available by right-tapping the control. Paste will attempt to convert \r\n sequences from windows to \n during a paste operation.
  • The design of the main page of the app has been changed slightly to¬†accommodate¬†ads and provide slightly more terminal space.
  • Foreground black color changed to a dark gray for irssi users.
  • The resize operation on un-snapped terminals now displays the size in a text box, rather than displaying a size-changing border.
  • The default state of the app is now “snapping” mode which will automatically adjust the height and width of terminals to fill free space.
  • The size of the terminals is now locked during connection and right-tap operations.
  • Fixed a bug where authentication would only allow one attempt before disconnecting from the server.
  • Fixed a memory leak caused by resizing multiple times.
  • Fixed a bug where the terminal would disconnect if it was resized during a keyboard-interactive authentication.
  • Fixed a bug where snapped mode would not always resize the terminal correctly.

This release includes a huge number of features, refactors, and changes to SSH Terminal Emulator. It’s also been the first release tested on a Microsoft Surface, and because of that, has been specifically optimized to work well with it. Since the trial mode is now unlimited, those of you who have not purchased the app, or were waiting for certain features before purchasing, can now re-try the app, and see if it meets your needs!

Please let me know if there any questions, comments, or concerns!

Happy new year!

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