SSH Terminal Emulator: Release 8 Preview

Release 8 will bring some big changes to SSH Terminal Emulator.

  • App will now prompt on initial open to allow background activity.
  • Server entries can be edited by dragging them to the “Edit server” button, which replaces the “Add a server” button while dragging a server entry. You can drag server entries with a mouse or a touchscreen.
  • The app will send function keys presses to the remote server.
  • Fixed an issue with Cisco router compatibility.
  • App will be available as an unlimited trial with ads. Three ads will display on the screen in landscape mode, one ad will display in fullscreen, and two in portrait mode. The amount of ads may change in future releases. Purchase the app to remove the ads.

Some other possible features that may be included in Release 8:

  • Arrow keys on/near soft keyboard
  • Alt key on/near soft keyboard
  • Function keys on/near soft keyboard
  • Tweaked draw throttling for low-power devices like Surface for increased performance.
  • Global quality setting for text. Low quality (aliased) text will increase performance in exchange for smoothness of the font.
  • Select/Copy/Paste text in terminal.

I never intended on making the app ad-supported; however, a few factors have made me renege on this:

  • Popular demand for an ad-supported version for casual/infrequent users.
  • Many users who have downloaded the app before many improvements were made have no way of seeing that the app has improved a great deal. By allowing unlimited trial with ads, everyone can see the app improve, and when desired features are added, you may be more inclined to purchase.
  • Many more features and much more work have been put into this app than originally planned, and although the app is now appropriate for many users’ needs, there is still more that needs to be done. I cannot get that feedback without people using the app.

Even though the app will now be available as an ad-supported app, I have no doubt that the amount of ad revenue will be limited. So, if you like the app, please buy it. The more people who by the app, the more features I can continue to put in it.

Release 8 will likely be submitted for certification by Sunday 12/30, with a release sometime during that week.

Looking towards the future: Here are some highly desired features which will likely see the light of day in releases 9, 10, and 11:

  • Tunneling/proxying through SSH
  • Putty PPK file support
  • Log terminal output to file
  • Color schemes for terminals.
  • Terminal thumbnail view in snapped state, and available as a semantic zoom out (screen pinch while not in fullscreen mode).

Tunneling/proxying through SSH might be available only as an in-app upgrade purchase, or perhaps the app’s price will increase when this feature is added, and it will only be available to purchasers. I have not decided yet, and it is entirely possible that it will be included with no price increases/changes. If you have any feedback for me on this matter, please send it to

Thank you all for your support, patience, and feedback!

6 Responses to “SSH Terminal Emulator: Release 8 Preview”

  1. jack

    Could you put url highlight on your backlog? So that one could easily open up some link, that is shown in irssi.

    • admin

      I have to wrap my head around how to enable that in my app without slowing everything down, first. Text on the screen isn’t stored in a way that would make it easy to do regex search. I try not to put features into the backlog until I know how to implement them. So, it’s on the radar, and I’m working on it conceptually, but I’m not sure when it will enter the backlog.

  2. Ephoras

    hi, after reading your keyboard tip and the update news (i can now type @ and [] ) i decided to buy the app.
    there is still one thing i am missing: Paste inside the app…
    would be great if i could copy a block of code and paste it inside the app to send it to the server…

  3. jack

    On some phone ssh clients there is just a button that opens a list of links found from current screen buffer. That is quite convenient to use. So feature don\’t need to be realtime.


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