SSH Terminal Emulator: Release 9 is Live

You should have received or will receive the update notification from the store soon.

As a reminder, the Release 9 Notes can be found here:

Release 9 Notes


Thanks for your support!

9 Responses to “SSH Terminal Emulator: Release 9 is Live”

  1. mitch

    so far everything looks great. My only complaint at this point, which I think should be pretty easy to address is the terminal window focus. I kind of wish that the actual terminal window were a little more greedy about taking focus, as I frequently do something in the app and start trying to type and nothing will happen until I click on the terminal again. Perhaps it would be better if all keystrokes went to the terminal, unless some other text box is active.

    • admin

      Thanks for the feedback! Will look into this and hopefully provide some sort of solution or option so that the terminals are more greedy with focus.

  2. mitch

    One more simple suggestion. When editing a server, tapping save does not leave the edit dialog, nor does it indicate that the changes were committed, which is somewhat confusing. Perhaps graying out the save button or returning the user to the main page would be best.

  3. David

    Agree on the greedy window idea.

    I’m having a weird issue trying to use Tmux, it works but the last few lines get …fragmented would best describe it… especially when tabbing to show multiple completion options. The last lines seem to overlap, show twice, etc.

  4. mikesch

    Features to add: In vertical Mode only shows 4 Connections, no scroll Funktion :(

    Server Connection List not sortable.

    Can you fix this please in the next Release ?


    • mikesch

      Sorry, was my fault, List in vertikal Mode is scrollable!

      Connection to MAC only Works with Keyboard-interaktive Mode.

      Change to other Program and then back, brings your Applikation to fall down.

      Any ideas?



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