SSH Terminal Emulator: Release 9 Preview & Potential Name Change

Release 9 already includes a lot of re-worked code for the interface, some bug fixes, and new features:

  • Telnet connections are available. Telnet may not work correctly for all servers, please report any bugs encountered when Release 9 is available.
  • URLs can be opened by right clicking the Terminal and selecting one of the “quick open” urls, or opening the URL Popup which lists all available URLs in the current screen buffer.
  • The swipe gesture can be used to switch between terminals. While using a mouse, you may also use the left and right arrow buttons on the side of terminals to switch between terminals.
  • AppBar buttons now shrink to show all available buttons when in portrait mode. Previously, they would extend out of the available space in the AppBar.
  • Improved the design of popups.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an exception to be thrown in the terminal when resizing.
  • Fixed some issues with copying text.
  • Fixed an issue with alt-[A through Z] not being recognized.
  • Changed snap mode so that it is fullscreen by default. Snapped mode automatically hides server list and header.
  • Removed final \r\n from copied text.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to hide the terminal controls in fullscreen mode, and not return to windowed mode.
  • Added an animation to the Hide List/Show List button actions.
  • Potential bug fix for ads appearing even after the app is purchased.

Release 10 will likely include color schemes, xterm support, a resize-lock control, keyboard shortcut to switch between terminals, a top AppBar for navigation, and undoubtedly some bug fixes for Telnet.

If anyone has a public Telnet server, such as a MUD, they’d like me to test the development version of the app on, please let me know.

Since the app no longer does only SSH conections, and since SSH Terminal Emulator is almost too generic to be the app’s name, I’m considering a name change to one of the following:

  • Terminal RT
  • puRTy/peRTy
  • termFluid

If you have any feedback or suggestions for the name change, please let me know in the comments or at

Thanks for all your support!

3 Responses to “SSH Terminal Emulator: Release 9 Preview & Potential Name Change”

  1. Michael

    hmm, the issh app on ios never changed it’s name and it can do a lot of stuff, too.
    from the given names puRTy is my favourite. but isn’t that to close to putty? I throw RTerm in the ring. but i have to say the RT in the middle of a word looks a lot better.

  2. Andrew

    Love the app – hope it continues to grow. I’d vote for a name where the title gives a clear idea/guess for the fact that its a terminal (Terminal RT, RTerminal, RTerm, Shell RT, etc…) for a larger audience.

    One question, is there any scp capability now or projected in the future? For me that’s one simple feature I’d really appreciate – being able to toss some files to and fro over the ssh connection.

    Keep up the good work!

    • admin

      SFTP functionality will not be implemented in this app, though I am working on an app that will be this terminal, plus SFTP, plus a Notepad++-like editor. No ETA on it, but I am working on it!


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