SSH Terminal Emulator: Resize feedback

Hey everyone!

I’ve gotten several reviews and comments since Release 4 about not being able to resize the terminal, or the terminal size being fixed to 80×24. This is a bit disheartening since resizing is one of the major features of Release 4, and I tried to make it as obvious as possible by using a very large size-grabber in the bottom right corner of the terminal, that gets brighter when the pointer is hovered over it.

I need some feedback from people as to how I can make the resizability of the terminal more obvious. Where were you looking for the resize operation? How do you expect to be able to resize it?

Drop me a comment here in the blog, or at

Thanks again for all your feedback!

5 Responses to “SSH Terminal Emulator: Resize feedback”

  1. mitch

    It might help to make handles that stick out of the right side and bottom of the terminal window that can be used to resize in that particular axis. In other words I am kind of thinking something like would be used in resizing images in PhotoShop or word, except the boxes that you would use are bigger and only on the right and bottom, and maybe the corner.

    I think the key is just to have the resize thing stick out of the window some so that it is more obvious. A lot of people might not use the mouse, so the resize handle might not be highlighted.

  2. Michael

    The first time i tried to rezize the window, i picked the edge of the scroll down button. just like the normal windows desktop application.
    maybe you should hilight the edge on the (first) start of the program until the user resized the window?

  3. mitch

    Also, my guess is that with the introduction of fullscreen mode, this will become less of an issue.

  4. Albatross

    Just started trying it out, great so far.

    On the wishlist, I can haz SSH tunnels someday? I figure it will be a while if you’re working on interface issues yet, but a good start all around.

    • admin

      It’s on the wish list! Not sure when it will be in, though. The main issue I forsee is keeping the tunnel alive on RT devices while the app is suspended. I won’t know how to deal with it until I get an RT device.


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