Terminal RT Version 10 Release Notes

This version fixes a lot of issues and is a complete redesign for Windows 8.1.

  • Name change from SSH Terminal Emulator to Terminal RT
  • Fixed issues with screen flickering and background connections
  • Improved detection of app purchase and in-app purchase
  • App is now free with $1.99 upgrade to remove ads
  • Users who previously purchased the app should not have to remove ads on the same device
  • Changed UI to be responsive.
  • Removed double-terminal feature, as it caused too many problems and overcomplicated the app.
  • Added Semantic Zoom to app.
  • “Snapped” mode now shows a list of thumbnails for your open terminals.
  • Fixed an issue with some high DPI screens
  • And a whole lot more

The update should be live for Windows 8.1 users by February 1st, 2014.

2 Responses to “Terminal RT Version 10 Release Notes”

  1. joey

    Wow, this update is awesome.
    But theres one minor issue – the terminal no longer resizes when the on screen kb pops on. The keyboard just covers the bottom of the screen and you cant see what your typing, unless you scroll the terminal down.

    • admin

      Since there’s currently no good solution for the soft-keyboard and resizing the terminal, I changed the functionality like this on purpose. I will look into possible automatically scrolling up the view so that the bottom of the terminal is visible while the soft-keyboard is on. If that is not possible, I may add a setting to resize the terminal when the soft-keyboard is visible, and perhaps keep the size locked until screen orientation changes or something. The constant resize of the terminal seemed to break connections sometimes, especially while logging in, and generally added too much complexity to the size management code.


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